Cookbook: Recipes for Common Tasks

Hello. Cookbook is a set of common tasks, i.e. recipes.

Cookbook for Attendees

Schedule an event of an event type

Go to Menu/Add Event and pick the desired event type. This will launch New Event page with templated details filled in.

NOTE: This recipe requires app setting to allow attendees to create events. Talk to you Admin.

Schedule a one-off event

In the top navigation bar, choose Menu/Add Event. A New Event form will open up. Each field has a tip on how to use it. Hover over the green info icon to uncover it.

Presenter tips:

Presenter field will search all the people in your system. You can type-ahead to find the person. If the person is not there, you’d need to add that person first. To do so, in the menu, choose Menu/Users and click on Invite another user button. The Presenter field can be empty. This is useful for panels, Hackathons, and events without a single presenter.

Cookbook for Organizers

Create an event type

Go to Menu/Event Types. This will load a list of available Event Types. Click on New Event Type button. In the following page, enter the key information about this templated event. Don't forget to set up a nice looking cover image.

Make an event available Live Streamed

You may want to make certain events that take place in a physical office can also be made available online. To do so, in Add or Edit Event page, mark the event as Live Streamed Event by checking the checkbox. Make sure you also inform the users how to participate in the Live Streamed event by providing a link to the online event in the text box below. For example, you may want to link to GoToMeeting, Hangout, or WebEx in there.

Invite people to an event

Go to Menu/Users page and click on Invite other user button.

Schedule an event with an internal presenter

You may want to add an internal presenter to your event. If this person doesn't show up in the list of available people, you can easily add them. To do so, when creating an event, click on the Add a Person button in the Event Update page. You need to specify name and email of that person.

PlusPlus will email this new person instructions on how to update their profile. Note that person's email address is a subject to Allowed email patterns that your administrator has setup for the system (e.g. everyone needs to use their corporate email).

Schedule an event with an external presenter

You may have an external speaker and you may not want to have them be able to login your enterprise PlusPlus. If that's the case, choose External role for this person when adding them to the system. External presenters cannot log into the system or otherwise interact with it. They don't get any of the automated email notifications. You will have full control over their profile, including what their photo looks like.

Change the profile photo of a presenter

You may have added a presenter for one of your events but the person hasn't logged in and hasn't updated their profile photo yet. This makes the event not look as polished.

As an administrator, you can go to Menu/People and look up that presenter. Once on the person's profile, click on the Edit Profile button. On the edit profile page, you can upload a new, better-looking photo for that presenter.

The person can still change their photo later, but for now, you're not blocked by them.

Reschedule an event

Go to Menu/Events and select the event you want to edit. Change the date and time for the event. Note that already registered users will not get the update about the change of event. If they have copied the event into their calendar, it will not get updated. However, if they subscribe to event calendar via the link in their profile, that calendar will be up to date.

Go to Menu/Events. Select the event you want to add the link to. Hint: you can use the search bar to find the events. Under Resources, add the recorded video link.

Email all event attendees

This feature is not currently available but we're working on it.

Change your browser to use GMail as default email app

When emailing all attendees or clicking on other email links in the app, the app uses mailto command to tell your browser to open your default email client. You may be used to using Chrome but your browser may not be configured so.

This video may help: How to Set Gmail as Your Default Mail Client in Chrome

Cookbook for Administrators

Invite users to join

Go to Manu/Users and click on Invite Another User. The system will send an email invitation to the user to activate the account. In the meantime, the user will be automatically added so you can schedule events with this user as presenter.

Add users in bulk

This feature is not currently available but we're working on it. Until then, you can ask us to do bulk-upload of users manually.

Subscribe to event calendar

It is useful to be able to view the event calendar in Google Calendar or whatever calendar you use. PlusPlus provides for a way to subscribe to events calendar via a link. The instructions below are for Google Calendar but it's similar for other calendar apps.

In PlusPlus, go to your profile by clicking on your photo in the nav bar. This will take you to your profile page. Click on the “Edit Profile” button. This will open a page where you can edit your information. At the bottom of that page is the “Calendar Subscription URL”. Copy that URL. In another browser, go to Google Calendar on the web. On the left-hand side, locate “Other calendars”. Click on the little triangle to the right of Other calendars and choose “Add by URL”. You should see the calendar with all the events from the system.

Add a new location

Go to Menu/Locations. This will give you the list of the locations. You can edit a location by clicking on the edit button to the right of the location. You can add a new location by clicking on the New Location button.

Add organizers and administrators

Go to Menu/Users screen. Select the user you want to edit by clicking on the "Edit User" button to the right of the name. Under "User Role" pick one of the three roles: Attendee, Organizer, or Administrator.

Change email notifications settings

You can change the email notifications per event or unsubscribe from all the email notifications.

Configure system security settings

As Administrator, go to Menu/Settings. Under "Login" you can configure various security options.

Deploy digital signage posters

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