What's New!

April 13, 2018 Release

Custom message per Event Type

There are about 20 different email notifications that we send. And, yes, they are all customizable at the system level. However, it turns out that you may want to customize the messaging more granularly.

We now support an Extra Blurb of text that you can set on per Event Type. If set, all events of that type will include that extra text in the email notifications.

To enable it, go to Menu/Event Types and click on the Settings gear for each event type for which you want to customize the messaging. Also, make sure that your email templates include the { extra_blurb } tag. You can manage this via Menu/Settings/Email Templates.

Extra Blurb

Enrollments for Organizers

Administrators used to be the only ones with the access to Analytics. We've now renamed this feature to Enrollments and made it available to Organizers and Administrators.

Enrollments allows you to see all the completion data. You can easily sort and search for people, events, and view their statuses. You can pivot on Locations, Event Types, and other data in order to see how they stack up.

Go ahead, play with Menu/Enrollments.

Enrollments Admin

Minor Improvements

  • Events can now span multiple days, e.g. a Hackathon that lasts 48 hours straight

April 2, 2018 Release

Public API

One of our design philosophies is to play well with other apps that are part of your ecosystem. To further help with that, we've opened up our APIs so that other systems can consume PlusPlus data.

Today, we expose two endpoints:

  • Enrollments API for your completion data: /api/v1/enrollments/?date_range_0=2018-03-15&date_range_1=2018-03-21

  • Event Types API for your content data: /api/v1/event-types/


About security: currently, the API is only available via session authentication to Admin users. We can provide different authentication methods and are looking for your feedback on how you'd consume the API.

Looking for another API endpoint? Let us know!

Redesigned Event Type Admin Page

Some of you live and breath inside the app. In an effort to make the common administrative experience even zippier, we've redesigned the Event Type Admin page. It is now sortable, searchable and it allows for CSV export of the content.

Event Type Admin

Minor Improvements

  • Improved External Enrollment workflow

March 14, 2018 Release

Google Calendar Rooms Integration

We now integrate even deeper with the Google Calendar. You can enable Google Resources (i.e. rooms) and then book your training rooms directly through PlusPlus. Hopefully, this makes logistics even easier.

We've also added a new field for Extra info to each time slot so you can specify additional information. This extra info is visible on the course page, calendar invites and the email notifications.

To enable this feature, go to Menu/Settings/Integrations. Note that rooms are precious resources - so we've implemented the security workflow that asks those who want to book them (i.e. the Organizers) for elevated Google Calendar permissions.

Google Calendar Integration

Event Type Email Rules

Now you can override system email rules at the event type level. That means that certain events may have different rules when to notify attendees of upcoming events, missed events, or to provide the feedback.

Go to Menu/Event Types and click on the settings gear for the event type you want to change settings for. By default, event types inherit their values from the system. If you override these values, it will apply to all the events of that type.

Email Notifications Settings

Minor Improvements

  • New and more dynamic Event Edit page

February 20, 2018 Release

Event Type Cutoffs

The last release introduced customizable cutoffs for event enrollment, cancellation, and self-check-in. You can now override system cutoffs per event types. This allows you to fine-tune cutoffs for specific events.

Go to Menu/Event Types and click on the settings gear for the event type you want to change settings for. By default, event types inherit their values from the system. If you override these values, it will apply to all the events of that type. We'll be adding more system settings to event types so that you have even more granular control.

Event Type Cutoffs

Custom Labels

What do you call the people giving talks? We call them Presenters. From now on, you can call them something else, e.g. a Host. To change these labels, go to Menu/Settings/UI Customization.

UI Labels

Automatic Timezone Detection

Users always had a timezone set so that we can automatically convert the hours for the online events streamed from a different location. However, few knew how to get to their profile page and make this change. The result was that most never bothered to change from the default US/Pacific.

We now auto-detect the timezone that the user is in. Users are informed if their timezone has been updated. They also have a way to turn off the automatic timezone detection in case they prefer to manually set it.

Second Email Reminder

We're all good at ignoring the email. As an option, you can now set a second email reminder for the upcoming classes. It works just like all the other automated emails that the system sends out. You can configure the rule from Menu/Settings/Administrative and you can update the template via _Menu/Settings/Email Templates/. Hopefully, this helps more people get their reminders.

Minor Improvements

  • Profile page ratings: you can now turn them off via Menu/Settings/UI Customization.

February 5, 2018 Release

Workday Integration

It turns out almost everyone uses Workday. And, in some cases, it is the source of truth for company-wide training initiatives. PlusPlus can now automatically send the completion data to Workday via its API. You can pick between the enrollments and check-in data.

Workday Integration

Configurable Cutoffs

Previously, the logic for when the event enrollment closes was hard-coded in the app. Now, you can configure the cutoffs for enrollments, cancellations, and self-checkin from Menu/Settings/Admin screen.

Configurable Cutoffs

Event Type View

It turns out that events are perishable: they come and go. This is not particularly useful when you need to link to a type of an event, e.g. a class that runs every month.

While PlusPlus had support for Event Types for awhile, it wasn't easy to view all events of a particular type. Until now. Event Type view gives the user a list of soonest upcoming events of a certain type as well as some of the past ones. More importantly, it gives you a link to an evergreen content to link to.

Event Type View

Minor Improvements

  • In order to standardize the language, we've chosen Enroll and Unenroll as the action buttons. This replaces Going/Cancel and Register/Unregister ones.
  • Events can now have Enrollment Instructions without an Enrollment Link so you can have more flexibility in scheduling events where there're important instructions to follow.
  • Bulk Data import and export now support a flag for Private events.
  • Printable Roster now shows email addresses as well.

January 18, 2018 Release

Profile Photos Services Integration

Having people's photos show up is important to create the social experience around learning. Sometimes your SSO service may not have your people's photos. For that reason, we've now enabled you to integrate with other profile photos services, such as Namely or Gravatar.

Profile Photos Integration


We get how important it is for the PlusPlus app to look and feel like other apps within your company. That's why we've introduced Themes. You can now choose a theme of your site. The list of themes will evolve as we get specific requests and will generally be shared by all customers.

Themes Support

January 10, 2018 Release

Email Templates Enhancements

Automating various reminders by emailing attendees and presenters was always one of the key features of PlusPlus. We've now made it better by expanding the number of templates and tags supported in each. Plus, we've added the documentation so you know what email is triggered when.

You can also use Markdown (see Markdown Cheatsheet). Markdown lets you format your emails with images, links, bullet points, and more.

There are now 17 templates in total. You can edit them or toggle them on/off. This gives you a lot of control over the language you want to use with your people as you engage them with the app.

Go, ahead and explore Email Templates in Menu/Settings/Email Templates.

Email Templates

December 12, 2017 Release

Bulk Data

You may have many events that you want to load up all at once. Perhaps you're planning a quarter or even a year. Loading them one by one may not be effective. That's why we've created Bulk Data.

You can now download your events into a spreadsheet. You can modify them, delete them, or add new ones all via the Comma-Separated Values (CSV) document. After all, it's easier to make large changes via a spreadsheet. Go ahead, try this out via Menu/Events. See the Bulk Data docs.

Bulk Data

Calendar View

We've added another View Density, full calendar view. You can now browse the events per month, week, or day in an interface that looks like a typical calendar that many are accustomed to. Go ahead, play with it via Density to Caledar.

Calendar View

December 4, 2017 Release

Snippets Preview

We've been quiet through November. That's because we've been working on something new. It's called Snippets and it aims to be the best way to share internal content at scale.

We've launched the preview version of Snippets to production. You can enable it in Menu/Settings/Feature Management.

This is just the start. We expect to iterate on Snippets quite a bit. And, as usual, your feedback will help determine the next features we ship.

Snippets Preview

October 30, 2017 Release

Google Calendar Integration

Most of us use Google Calendar to run our lives. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have the PlusPlus events automatically show up in participant's calendar? They were always able to download them, but what happens if the event changes? We wouldn't be able to update their calendars automatically.

With the new Google Calendar integration, this is all automatic. You just need to enable this feature via Menu/Settings/Feature Management. Best of all, you don't need special powers from your IT department since this feature doesn't require any special security permissions.

October 16, 2017 Release

OneLogin Integration

Single Sign-on is important. We're adding OneLogin to the list of supported out-of-the-box providers. Of course, we'll add your favorite SSO provider as needed


October 9, 2017 Release

Public or Private Feedback

Getting the feedback from the participants on how an event went is important. But, perhaps in your organization, you may not want to display all that feedback publicly.

You can now control that. Just go to Menu/Settings/Administrative and look for Feedback is public checkbox.

September 25, 2017 Release

Info Cards

It turns out, in addition to discovering learning events, the PlusPlus app also helps inform your people about other initiatives you may have going on. For example, you can now promote the quarterly planning initiative on the app.

We call this feature Info Cards. To access it, go to Menu/Add an Info Card (available to Organizers and Admins). Go ahead, create an initiative and promote it!


September 18, 2017 Release

Analytics: Additional Pivots and Export to CSV

You've liked the Analytics feature but have asked for additional pivots and an easy export. Now you can pivot on presenters and attendees in addition to events, event types, and location. You can also export all the data in Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format for further analysis in Excel or similar.

Analytics 2

Event Access: Private

Certain events should be kept private. Perhaps not everyone needs to know about them. Or, perhaps they are not firmed up yet. You can now designate an event as private. Private events won't show up the event list nor in the search. Yet, people who have the direct URL to the event will be able to get to them.

If we have the access to your organizational structure (such as departments or the reporting structure), we can allow you to further tune up the access controls per event.

Access Private

September 1, 2017 Release

Self Check-ins

In the previous release, we've enabled event presenters, organizers and admins to view the Roster and check in the attendees. Now, we've added the ability for participants to check themselves in as well. From an hour before the event starts until the end of the day, they have a chance to mark themselves as present in the event.


Minor updates

  • In the roster, you can now add people via a list of their email addresses. This allows you to sign up a larger group of people all at once simply by copy/pasting their emails.

August 21, 2017 Release


People register for events, but who really shows up? We're introducing Roster - a way for organizers of the event or the presenter to pull up the list of people who registered and to check in those who actually showed up. And if you have any walk-ins, you can add them and check them in all at once.

Having the right data on how your people learn is important. The Roster should make it easier to track participation.


July 31, 2017 Release


Data is important. It turns out PlusPlus app collects a lot of it. We know who is attending what events and how well they're rating them.

All this raw data is now available to you via the new Analytics. You can view the data by time frame, sort it, and filter it based on names. It's based on the industry xAPI standard.

But we wanted to go beyond just the data. We wanted to get you the insights. With Analytics you can pivot your data based on events, event types or location. This unlocks another level of visibility into what is really driving your people to learn.

Go ahead, play with Analtyics! It's under the Organizer/Admin menu.


July 17, 2017 Release

Compact View

It turns out people want to see even more events per page. So, in addition to Compfy and Cozy view density, we've now launched Compact View. Go ahead, and browse all those events on a single page.

Compact View

Minor updates

  • Web Accessibility (Section 508 Compliance): It's important that learning events are discoverable by all people in your organization. We've made sure that PlusPlus app adheres to strict government requirements so people with disabilities can still use the site.

July 6, 2017 Release


Sometimes people just want to be notified when a new event they would care about has been scheduled. Inspired by Google Alerts, we've created a way for your people to save their searches. When a new event is scheduled that matches their terms (e.g. Crucial Conversations, or Core Python), we send them an email notification. They can set the frequency for each alert to Daily, Weekly or Monthly. No more "can you please tell me when that course becomes available" nonsense.


Minor updates

  • Feature Management so Admins can toggle cool but cutting edge features

June 22, 2017 Release

Customizable Email Templates

Emails are important. They remind your people about upcoming classes, waitlist status, feedback and more. We send them automatically when specific things happen.

You can now edit these email templates to give them your voice. You can even disable them in certain cases. This allows you to customize the experience that your people have.

Customizable Email Templates

June 20, 2017 Release

Bulk Scheduling

You may have the same event repeat over and over again. For example, you may schedule the same class may once a month every month. Your people want an easy way to discover all the offerings for a particular event - not just the upcoming one.

Bulk Scheduling allows organizers to schedule the same event for multiple dates and times. We copy everything else for your convenience and consistency. Your users can now see all the offerings of a particular event.

Bulk Scheduling

May 16, 2017 Release

Cap Enrollment and Wait Lists

So you have more attendees enrolled than there's space available for the event. Well, PlusPlus now allows you to set the Enrollment Cap and create a Wait List. We'll place extra attendees onto the wait list and promote them to enrolled status as space opens up. Attendees will get email notifications as their status changes.


April 20, 2017 Release

Get more Feedback!

We've noticed attendees tend to procrastinate proving event feedback despite the email reminders. So we've introduced a notification to gently nudge them. As a user who has outstanding feedbacks, you will see a count of those events and get a list of them so you can easily complete them. After all, everyone wants to know how the event went!


Minor updates

  • Initials for missing profile photos
  • Status Page
  • It's faster! Average response time is 100ms and no request takes longer than 2s.

April 4, 2017 Release

View Density: Comfy or Cozy

Once you get to 100s of events it may get hard to browse through all these offerings. We've introduced View Density feature. Now you can select Comfy or Cozy view option. In the Comfy mode, we'll show two event cards per row and in the Cozy mode three cards. Of course, on tiny screens such as mobile, we'll show only as many cards as we can fit.

View Density

Mobile updates

PlusPlus now works better on mobile. As the number of filters and options grew, it got harder to display them all on tiny screens. We've introduced a new menu system that solves this problem. You now have all the same features on mobile as you did on the desktop. Go ahead, give it a try!


Minor updates

  • Filter settings are now sticky across devices. We'll remember your settings on as many devices you use.
  • Locking of form buttons when there's no response from the server. This is to account for the possibility of a slow connection.

March 23, 2017 Release

HTML Emails

The app has been sending users email notifications for some time now. But the emails were in plain text. While plain text works for any email reader, it lacks branding.

We now send two-part emails: HTML and plain text. If the user can render HTML, they'll see a nicer looking email. It'll have your logo at the top-left corner as well as the message that you've customized for your email templates.

HTML Emails screen

Easier way to add multiple presenters

Your event may be a panel of presenters, or perhaps it's just a couple of experts pairing up on teaching it.

You can now have an arbitrary number of presenters associated with the event. Go ahead, add them via the + button. And if the person is not in the system while typing ahead, you can quick-add them via Add Person button.

Multi Presenters screen

Minor updates

  • Better cloning of existing events so that organizer info is passed through.
  • Back to Events button to make it easier to navigate back from event details.
  • Related Events widget doesn't include past events anymore.
  • User settings are now linked from the user profile photo for easier access.
  • People search now looks at email addresses as well.
  • No more seconds for event duration.

March 8, 2017 Release


Most of your events happen in a single sitting. Sometimes, an event may be a few consecutive days. And every once in awhile, you have that event with complex time slots where it has a few sessions that span across multiple days or even weeks. Well, you can schedule those now as well.

Timeslots feature keeps it simple to schedule a single session event - your most common case. Yet it is flexible enough to allow for any complexity in multi-session events.

Timeslots screen

February 13, 2017 Release

Email Templates

People appreciate being reminded about the upcoming events. And sometimes they need to be nudged a bit to complete that feedback survey. As an Administrator, you can configure PlusPlus app to send these email notifications to your people on specific schedule. For example, 2 days prior to an event send a reminder email to all registered attendees with all the details they need. Now, you can also see what those email templates look like and have them customized for your organization.

Email Templates screen

February 6, 2017 Release


So you want to know what the engagement of your people is. Reports feature gives you an insight into key numbers. You can filter this list by date range. This feature is only available to Admins.

Report screen

February 1, 2017 Release

External People Role

You may have people who are external to your organization. For example, a presenter for a class could be an outside contractor. You probably don't want to allow these people log into your app. External Role allows you to do just that - designate people who cannot access your system but can have a profile that you manage.

See details on People Role

External People screen

January 23, 2017 Release

New People Profiles

We've made it easier to see who has presented what event and how well it went. You can also look up your own profile to see what events you have coming up.

Profile screen

January 16, 2017 Release


Posters are large-screen displays that promote the upcoming events. Currently, a dozen of the upcoming events are displayed - three at a time. The idea is that people around the office can discover interesting events just by walking around.

As an administrator, you can set up these displays. An easy way to run them is via an inexpensive device such as Chromecast. See Deploying Posters recipe.

Poster screen

New Home Page

What PlusPlus is a bit clearer via the new PlusPlus.co home page.